Jefferson is a world-class writing coach with over 20 years of experience in writing, editing, and teaching.  In the last few years alone, he has edited hundreds of novels, stories, children’s books, theses, dissertations, memoirs, self-help, and instructional books and has helped authors from all over world realize their writing dreams.

He has a Bachelor of Arts in physics, a Master of Fine Arts in creative writing, and has performed years of instruction in dramatic writing. This multifaceted educational background means that he feels fully at home with virtually all subjects, genres, and forms.

Jefferson’s strengths as an editor and writing coach are his attention to detail, a mathematical precision with language, and an ability to hone in on the heart of a work to ensure that it finds its most effective expression. Communication is key, and giving lots of meaningful feedback to writers is a crucial part of the editing process.

When not helping people to perfect their work, Jefferson spends his time collecting vintage paperbacks, rescuing abused animals, and writing. He is currently working on a series of novels that, one day, will go down in history as the longest sustained narrative in the history of the English language—at least, it certainly feels that way while writing it. He also loves olives.

Latest Projects and Reviews

23 Sep

“I like how I send in my manuscript in a mess, and Jefferson sent it back so nice and cleaned. Thanks, Jefferson for all your hard work. Your editing gives me the confidence I need to publish my book. I've been using First Editing since 2013. They have edited ...”
Patsy Coquitlam, Canada

21 Sep

“I appreciated the easy way to talk to the management.”
David Virginia Beach, USA

20 Sep

“We appreciate our editor, customer service, and speed of service.”

10 Sep

“One of the things I appreciate most about the service provided is the feeling that the project was important to the editor as well. The editor not only made the necessary corrections, but also gave me an evaluation of it, pointing out the highlights of the book. I felt that ...”
Alma Brooklyn, USA

3 Sep

“As a second time customer after seeking your assistance for my previous book some 5 years hence, I was convinced of your efficiency and was pleased to note you have maintained the standard. I found all your services excellent and would gladly recommend you to others. But the only other ...”
Naveen Munich, Germany

30 Aug

“We needed some content editing for our book to smooth out sentences a bit and make sure our complex ideas were as easy to follow as possible. We love having our same editor do a chapter each week so we can pay as we go and even learn from his ...”