An editor by day, and an adventurer on other days, Joanne has never looked back since a journalism degree sent her out into the freelance world with a love of language and an understanding of the power of words. They also taught her how to craft a finely tuned phrase that she twangs out as liberally as possible.

Joanne is the successful author of two travel books and has contributed to three other travel guides. She has a whopping 20 years experience writing for newspapers, magazines, blogs and assisting authors in finding their niche in the publishing world.

When not honing works into better versions of themselves, she’s stewarding millions of bees, bumping over mountain bike tracks, rumbling down rivers in canoes, or teaching photography in Asia.

Joanne graduated with a degree in journalism from the University of Queensland back in 1996 and has never looked back at the constraints of the newsroom since, choosing instead to delve into the freelance world of writing, editing and traveling. However, that tenure there did teach her the power of words and language as well as how to turn a finely tuned phrase.

Joanne worked as project manager / editor on a PR project for Tourism Malaysia. She has been published in Chicago Times (USA), San Francisco Examiner (USA), Sydney Morning Herald (Australia), The Age (Australia), The Australian (Australia), and Sunday Mercury (UK). She is also a published author with Hunter Publishing’s Adventure Guides to Sicily, Rome.

Latest Projects and Reviews

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Sabine Swedesboro, USA
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