RAPE "Initial Shock: The Brigitte Harris Story"

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A short introduction

Taking on a life of Goth, she attempted to hide her hurt and pain until she saw the pattern repeat itself with her small cousins. Racked with anger and frustration, she wreaked vengeance against her father which went terribly wrong and landed her in prison with a harsh sentence. When she became a pen pal with Terri Johnson a lifetime friendship was born which enabled them both to work on her case and eventually obtain her freedom. Their common endeavor now is to educate the public of the many types of pedophiles and their behaviors.

Author: Olivia

Born in Austin, Texas, raised in Los Angeles, California, Terri Johnson is a creative force for women and children. With a keen eye for detail, she embarked in the Film Industry as a successful Script Supervisor, (right hand person for the Director) in Hollywood for over 14 years. But, her main goal is to raise awareness on the sexual abuse of children through education, advocacy, prevention, and recovery.

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