Commonsense: A Climb To The Top To Find The Bottom

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A short introduction

This is a book about one man's journey through his working life to self-employment and running his own company over a 35 year period: the successes, the pitfalls, lessons learned, funny to sad times, from being on top of the world to being just able to save his company. Thoughts of how things are done, from corruption to government unemployment, town centers and just stupidity; from a world totally out of control with bureaucracy running rampant to a conclusion we need to be visited by space aliens so we can get a loan to keep the world going. Some views I think you may agree with and some you may be totally against. I am just one man on his journey through life. If you don't laugh you will cry. I have tried to incorporate some of the lessons I have learnt about business and possible ideas for the future.

My overwhelming word throughout all of this is common sense, possibly the only word that will save us all.

Writing this book has enabled me to find a way to reflect, so it has changed my life for the better.

Author: Steven

Steven Bartlett, Aged 57. Married for 33 years with 3 Daughters.

Been Self Employed in the Flooring industry for 37 years. Own my own Flooring Services Business. Have written over 5 books including a trilogy and various short stories.

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