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Author’s review

My book was edited by Jefferson. Being my first book I of course agonized on what and who to trust with my work.
I needn't of worried he and FirstEditing put me at my ease with a quick excellent professional service.
Communication is the key, any questions I had were promptly answered.
The guaranteed delivery given of 10 to 14 calendar days was cut to about 8 days with good suggestions and advice. The editing experience proved fantastic and with the cost being very reasonable for the 62,750 words of my book, Mirror Mirror Reflections of Fate, I will definitely be returning to FirstEditing and Jefferson to edit the next in the trilogy currently being written.

A short introduction

After the purchase of a fairly plain full length mirror, no one could have foreseen the future events. The story unfolds wrapped in mystery as people disappear. Detective Inspector Jim Turner is soon enveloped into the strange cases whilst trying to sustain a fledgling romance.

The tail is not for the fainthearted with a gripping dark twisted conclusion.

Author: P J Barns

The young boy was asked to write a story "a page or two in length" he did as asked full of youthful excitement, writing about a monster he had pictured in his mind and smiled as he handed in his effort of a page and a half. His teacher looked up after a few seconds glanced over his glasses but refused to read it's content he then screwed it into a ball and throw it in the small tearful face and punished him for his "bad handwriting".

Finally plucking up courage to believe, I am now more than 40yrs older and hope you like my stories.

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