Beyond Likes: Maintaining Friendships in the Digital Age

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Author’s review

I really loved my editor's comments. I felt like she understood my vision and gave excellent feedback about the overall book.

A short introduction

Are you done with being lonely? Sick of looking at your phone waiting for life to come get you? Is the FOMO just unbearable? Do you want more meaningful friendships? Are you a digital nomad or expat that is having trouble staying connected with friends and family? rnBeyond likes is the book for you. A simple and quick read to help you get off your phone and back into consistent and nourishing relationships with friends and family. Starting with simple exercises to rebuild your friend groups, to mindsets for long term relationship strategies, behavioral cues, and the motivation to get back in the friendship game! Curious about how you should handle going home for the holidays? There's a whole chapter to taking care of yourself during the stressful time of year. rnAfter an hour of reading, you will be ready to surround yourself with the people in your life that matter and set you up to succeed. No more draining friendships and self doubt.

Author: Deanna

Deanna Marie was born in Southern California. She has lived in all over the world, and prefers a hot country over a cold one. She has a bachelors in science from University of California at Irvine. She owns and co-founded Lifestyle Tribe, an online resource for women to create the lifestyle that they desire. Beyond Likes was her first title published. Her favorite color is Orange. She is an Entp personality type.

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