Face Off Against A Tycoon

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The first and only book on corporate whistleblowing in the Philippines, this is a true story that explores the descration of corporate integrity, economic sabotage, and injustice perpetrated by the titans of society at the expense of the masses. Lucio C. Tan's Guinness record-holding tax evasion case―a staggering P1.2 trillion―dragged into light the worst menace to a thriving society: corruption of its leaders.In the same breath as Rizal's Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo, author Danilo Pacaña brings the battle between good and evil to the Land of the Free. His hope is that the justice that has long been denied to the Filipino people and their beloved country can be obtained at last.

Author: Dpacs

DR. DANILO P. PACAÑA, CPA, a patriotic crusader and corporate whistleblower, was the first nemesis and the only one out of the 105 million Filipinos who had the audacity to charge a P338 million tax evasion case against the country's most powerful tycoon, Lucio C. Tan. This was filed with the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) and involved Allied Banking Corporation, which was owned by the tycoon in 1987. He is the world's 441st richest billionaire and the fourth richest man in the Philippines as of 2018.rnLikewise, he was the only citizen who charged Tan, together with former BIR Commissioner Jose Ong and top bank and BIR officials, for criminal acts due to corruption with the ombudsman, Regional Trial Court, and all the way to the Sandiganbayan.rnHe also blew the whistle on the economic sabotage in the banking industry committed by most major banks by way of tax evasion of the Documentary Stamps Tax and interests earned on time deposits, which he reported to President Corazon C. Aquino in 1987. As an offshoot of his information, the BIR was able to collect tax payments in several billions of pesos from the banks involved in the anomaly—except for Allied Bank, due to corruption—which benefited the entire nation.rnHe single-handedly faced Tan, who was represented by a highly influential lawyer and solicitor general under President Marcos, Estelito Mendoza (legal counsel of the high and mighty, namely Presidents Gloria Arroyo and Joseph Estrada, former first lady Imelda Marcos, and tycoon Eduardo Cojuangco) in a protracted battle that spanned 31 years and involved the BIR, ombudsman, Sandiganbayan, and Congress.rnHis advocacy for corporate integrity, anti-corruption, good governance, and justice for all drove him to the labyrinth of massive corruption in the bureaucracy, which went all the way to the doors of Malacanang.rnLikened to a “David vs. Goliath” battle in the modern era, he bravely engaged Tan in a return bout after over two decades by filing another tax evasion case against the tycoon's flagship companies, namely Philip Morris Fortune Tobacco Corp. and Asia Brewery Inc., in 2011. Dubbed as the “mother of tax evasion cases,” the amount of tax evasion was estimated at over P1.2 trillion—a Guinness World Record on tax evasion. This amount is equivalent to 1/3 of the budget of the country for 2018 and, if collected, could save the masses from the burden of the TRAIN tax recently imposed by the government.rnThe P1.2 trillion tax evasion case is still pending, but it's been hidden by Tan's cohorts in the BIR and kept from the knowledge of the public by former BIR Commissioner Kim Henares. Dr. Pacaña met with current Commissioner Caesar Dulay in November 2017 to let him know about it and requested his immediate investigation of this case, which apparently had already been subject to corruption by Tan and top BIR officials. But like his predecessor, to date, Commissioner Dulay's lips have been tightly sealed.rnDanny firmly believes that only the strong intervention of President Duterte on this case can make Tan pay his tax debt to the people for justice to be finally served.rnHe worked for two of the top tycoons in the Philippines, Lucio Tan and Alfonso Yuchengco, as a management executive of their firms, which were top-10 bank and insurance companies in the country, for 16 years.rnHe was formerly senior audit examiner of Far East Bank, regional audit manager of Allied Bank, agency manager of Prumerica Financial and vice-president and head of sales and marketing for VisMin of Grepalife. He was also hired as a consultant to Prumerica Financial and Grepalife after his employment with them.rnHe had a stint with CEDOPEC as EVP and was VP of ROI, an oil and realty firm. He put up Noa Bizkonzult, a business consulting firm, where he was CEO. He was the champion/number one agency manager of Prumerica Financial, a subsidiary of Prudential Financial in the US, which led to him receiving awards for sales and management excellence in five countries, the Philippines, Korea, Thailand, Greece, and Hawaii and California in the US.rnDanny topped the Officer Development Program of Allied Bank. He landed 10th place among the CPA board examinees from Cebu in 1984. He was a partial scholar at the University of San Carlos, and he graduated salutatorian in high school and third place in elementary. He was a recipient of the Gerry Roxas Leadership Award.rnAs a civic leader, he started with the Jaycees. Then he joined Rotary International, where he was named Most Outstanding Club President of District 3860 in 1997 during his stint as president of the Rotary Club of Cebu Midtown. He was also president of the Pacaña-Pacana clan. Danny is a descendant of the heroes in Cebu, Jacinto, and Felipe Pacaña, who were among the core members of the local revolutionary group, KKK, that started the uprising against the tyranny of the Spaniards in the Battle of Tres de Abril.rnIn 2012, he was conferred the first HAGIT (honesty, accountability, good governance, integrity, and transparency) hero award by Patnubay Online, an organization of OFWs in the Middle East.rnLike President Rodrigo Duterte, he has been a member of the Knights of Rizal (KOR) for two decades and currently holds a rank of Knight Commander of Rizal. He became one of the council of elders in the KOR-Cebu City chapter after holding several key positions with this patriotic organization.rnIn 2017 and 2018, he was conferred with a Doctorate of Humanities (H.C.) and Doctorate in Philosophy (H.C.) by Northwestern Christian University of Florida on account of his selfless advocacy against economic sabotage, corruption, and injustice and his pursuit of corporate integrity and good governance in the Philippines.rnHis outstanding career achievements and laudable service to the community have had a strong impact on these recognitions as well. Both degrees were backed up with dissertations contained in two true-to-life books he wrote and published in the Philippines and the USA.rnBecause of the meaningful impact of his anti-graft advocacy on humanity, career achievements, and service to the community, he was offered an award from media organizations in 2018, the Outstanding Cebuano Award (TOCA), but conferment is being deferred for the meantime as he is currently in the US.rnHe authored and published the first edition of his book, Face-Off against a Tycoon, in 2012, the first and only book on corporate whistleblowing in the Philippines. The second edition of the subject book is due to be published in the US in 2018.rnDanny is currently engaged in the healthcare business, business consulting, community service, and life coaching. He was widowed at the age of 39 and has been happily married to the lovely Neperquin for over two decades. He has eight children, six of whom are already professionals, a son-in-law, and one grandson, Kai.rnIn the pursuit of his advocacy, he is now based in the US. In due time, he will be available for public appearances and speaking engagements worldwide to share his purpose-driven life story to humanity.rn

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