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You’ve worked hard to make your thesis the best it can be.

Now that it’s finished, it’s time to submit, right?

Not just yet! The next stages of the process are editing and proofreading, both of which are of the utmost importance when it comes to the quality, validity, and readability of your thesis.

You can either take on both tasks yourself, or you can reach out to professional thesis proofreading services to ensure that your work meets the highest standards.

But what does a thesis proofreading service comprise? And is it the right choice for you?

Let’s find out!

Thesis Proofreading Services: Why They’re Important & 7 Advantages

You’ve spent months, perhaps years, working on and perfecting your thesis. But let’s be honest – one pair of eyes can only do so much.

Sometimes, having a professional editor or proofreader go over your text is the best way to see your thesis from a different point of view and formulate your language in a way that brings out the best in your work.

While editors dive into the structure, argument flow, and organization of your thesis, proofreaders help you polish your language and writing tone.

Here are just some of the pros of hiring a thesis proofreading service:

  • Correcting grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors\
  • Fixing citations and adjusting the citation style to fit your requirements
  • Cutting out redundancy and repetition
  • Enhancing clarity and readability
  • Improving your writing tone and style
  • Ensuring your terminology is in line with what’s commonly used in the field of your expertise
  • Perfecting your English overall

What’s more, the process is usually very easy and efficient as most proofreaders track their changes and recommendations in Microsoft Word, which means you have full control over the modifications made to your thesis.

5 Reasons to Choose FirstEditing

Enter… FirstEditing!

FirstEditing is a team of professional editors & proofreaders and subject matter experts who have been helping thousands of academics enhance the quality of their work since 1994.

Here are the 5 reasons why FirstEditing makes for an excellent choice:

  1. They possess the necessary qualifications and experience to proofread your work with the subtlety and confidence that this type of service requires
  2. They have plenty of testimonials and reviews that show their expertise in the field and excellent communication skills
  3. They offer a quick turnaround and competitive prices
  4. They aim to help you make your thesis the absolute best it can be
  5. They offer four different editing packages so that you can choose whichever service fits your needs the most

Standard: This is a technical copy edit, which is the absolutely final edit before submission. It’s essentially a proofreading service. If you’re fluent in English and are looking for a professional who will help you tweak the last bits and pieces of your thesis on a linguistic level, the Standard package is the perfect choice.

It includes services such as:

  • Correcting punctuation, spelling, and grammar
  • Reducing repetition & redundancy and jargon
  • Ensuring your terminology is consistent throughout the text

… and more.

Advanced: This is an academic English line edit. This package mainly focuses on your academic writing style, use of language, and substance of content at the sentence and paragraph level. It also looks at the clarity of your proposal, subject-verb agreement, and the proficiency of your English language.

It includes services such as:

  • Correcting sentence and paragraph structure
  • Enhancing your academic English language
  • Formatting according to journal guidelines (e.g., citation styles)
  • Everything from the Standard package

… and more.

Premium: This is a substantive content edit. This package dives into the ins and outs of the content of your thesis – a professional expert in the field will offer valuable feedback on the quality & logic of your arguments, as well as the overall presentation and cohesion.

It includes services such as:

  • Working with a subject matter expert in your field
  • Checking your visual supporting elements
  • Substantive editing (organization, content, structure, and presentation)
  • Receiving an Abstract Critique and a Content Review
  • Everything from the Standard and Advanced packages

… and more.

Graduate: This is a research support package. It’s the most comprehensive editing service out of the four packages, and it’s highly recommended to get this package in the early stages of your research as you will be able to have a consultation with an expert in your field and a technical editor in order to create a high-quality thesis.

It includes services such as:

  • Consulting with a subject matter expert and a professional editor
  • Enhancing the clarity of your abstract
  • Validating the accuracy of your work on a technical level
  • Free multi-round edits and final proofreading services
  • Everything from the Standard, Advanced, and Premium packages

… and more.


Hiring a thesis proofreading service is an excellent way to increase the quality of your thesis and ensure your writing is as clear and concise as possible.

It is fully up to you to decide whether you’d like a professional to go over your work and polish your English language. If you want to get a free sample of what a collaboration with FirstEditing looks like, don’t hesitate to head over to the thesis services page.

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