Find out what type of editing you need before you hire an editor!

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Your editor determines what level of editing is best for you based upon

  • where you are in the writing & revising process
  • what you want from your editor
  • how much help your manuscript NEEDS

To accomplish effectiveness and clarity, there are three phases in the editing process before your final proofread.

This video provides a brief outline of the levels of editing and each level’s specific purpose. Learn the options you’ll want and need to successfully publish!


  • [00:25] What Is Structural Story Editing?
  • [01:29] Structural Editing for Non-Fiction Writers
  • [01:58] First Level: Substantive Content Editing
  • [02:51] Second Level: Line Editing
  • [03:47] Final Level: Copy Editing
  • [04:15] Fourth and Final Stage: Professional Proofreading

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