Dr. Natasha is an editorial board member of a SCI-rated journal, a published book, and a successful journal article author.

Dr. Natasha easily foresees issues you may encounter as you submit your research manuscript for publication, and she helps you overcome these obstacles in advance.

With her many years of editorial experience, Natasha makes your submission process easier.

Given her background in engineering, computer science, nuclear physics, and a successful career in investment banking, Natasha is a hard science expert.

Dr. Natasha’s focus on clarity helps you weed out any ambiguities, as even a perfectly constructed sentence can fail to have a desired impact if it does not accurately convey your intended message!

Get skillful help from this Senior Editor who gives great attention to detail. She delivers the best possible results well before your deadline.

As a scientist, Dr. Natasha has a penchant for perfection and is an avid lifelong learner. She is also passionate about sharing her immense knowledge and expertise with others, which she does in her role as a Senior Academic editor and reviewer.

Dr. Natasha’s many returning clients benefit from her friendly yet objective assessment of their work, along with her ample advice on how to improve their writing.

Although her core returning research clients keep her busy on most days, Dr. Natasha still finds time for programming and robotics.  She is also an avid skier and snowboarder.

Latest Projects and Reviews

“Thank you very much for the valuable comments and suggestions. It helped me substantively improve the content of the document. ”
Christelle Sion, Switzerland
“Pure quality and professionalism!”
Doan Montreal, Canada
“What I liked the most was the professionalism and the quality of the services.”
Liji Brampton, Canada
“The editor assigned to my work was good at picking at the grammatical errors, as well as changing to the active voice in some places. Beyond that, her suggestions on ways to make my explanations and insights clearer have been helpful. Significant improvements have already been made to Appendix A thanks ...”
John Sydney, Australia
“I am particularly grateful for how quickly Natasha completed the editing. This gave me some extra time to work on my text before the deadline. I also appreciate the thoroughness of her work, and her excellent suggestions for improving the text flow and word choice.”
Julia Hovdebygda, Norway
“ I am sure Dr. Natasha, do a great job. Dr. Natasha are the best editor I have ever seen. I and all of the authors are very impressed by Dr. Natasha and Dr. Natasha's excenllent work. It's a very good start of a long and productive collaboration between us. I will contact Dr. ...”
Youliang Beijing, China