As a scientist, Dr. Natasha has penchant for perfection and is avid lifelong learner. She is also passionate about sharing her immense knowledge and expertise with others, which she does in her role as academic editor and reviewer. Her many clients benefit from her friendly yet objective assessment of their work, along with ample advice on how to improve their writing.

As a published book and journal article author, as well as editorial board member of a SCI-rated journal, she is well placed to recognize issues you may encounter as you submit your manuscript for publication. With her many years of editorial experience, Natasha can make your submission process much easier.

Given her background in engineering, computer science, nuclear physics, and a successful career in investment banking, Natasha is a living proof that to produce a perfect writing piece you do not need to be an English major. As everything else in life, grammar and style can be learned, but you will certainly get there faster with skillful assistance from this editor with great attention to detail and desire to always deliver the best possible results well before the deadline.

Natasha’s focus on clarity will help you weed out any ambiguities, as even perfectly constructed sentence fails to have a desired impact if it does not accurately convey your intended message!

Although her many returning clients keep her busy on most days, Natasha still finds time for programming and robotics and is an avid skier and snowboarder.

Latest Projects and Reviews

29 Aug

“Quality, professionalism, very careful and kind personal communication”
Gemma Nocera Inferiore, Italy

16 Jun

“The quality of the edit was very professional, in-depth and really helpful. I tried two other editing services with this exact paper, and by far your service was more critical, had a large amount of changes, and the edits seemed more professional. Natasha even gave me advice and told me ...”

14 Jun

“I loved the feedback.”

9 Jun

“Natasha absolutely killed it as my editor. I was suffering through my dissertation process and I needed someone to lighten my workload and make sure I sounded as academic as possible...and I needed both services very quickly. Natasha performed exceptionally well, and so I hired her to edit several different ...”
Elizabeth Scarsdale, USA

25 May

“Natasha provided frank and fast feedback. She worked extremely quickly and provided great attention to detail, especially for the tight turnaround.”
Elizabeth Scarsdale, USA

25 May

“High quality, professionalism and reduced time.”
Maria Vila Pouca de Aguiar, Portugal